Gabion Cage - Best Solution for Emergent Protective Situation

Gabion cage is a rugged and stable rectangular structure with high tensile and thick corrosive resistant coating steel wire material and woven or welded meshes. High quality material, rigid structure and long service life make the gabion cage can be used in various applications and widely accepted by customers from all over the world.

As professional gabion cage manufacture, let us step in our fields and know more about our products and company.

Completed products - three series for your choice

Choosing according to the material. Galvanized, PVC coating and zinc-aluminum alloy materials supply high corrosion and rust resistance performance to the gabion cage. They have different characters and suit different budget and requirements customers.
Choosing according to the technology. Woven gabion cage or welded gabion cage can be used in different applications. The woven gabion cage can be used in the differential settlement applications while welded gabion cage is widely used in the landscape construction.
Choosing according to the appearance. Gabion cage has different appearance including gabion box, gabion mattress and sack gabions. The gabion box can be used as retaining wall, the gabion mattress is widely used in the slop protection and the sack gabion is commonly used in the emergent flood control applications.

A green PVC coating gabion cage on the ground.
PVC coating gabion cage.
A welded gabion cage on the ground.
Welded type gabion cage.
A galvanized welded gabion box on the ground.
Gabion box.

Reliable company - advanced equipment and timely delivery

Large warehouse. When the production schedule is not so tight, we will prepare some common and widely used specs gabion cages. These gabion cages are placed and stored in our warehouse according to the specs and materials. All the products are properly stored in our warehouse which is dry, air circulation and clean. they will not rust and broken. In this way, we have large stocks to deal with the emergent orders.
Well-equipped workshop. There are advanced equipment and skilled workers in our workshop. The skill workers operate the advanced equipment to produce the qualified products with accurate mesh sizes and enough length and width. Meanwhile, the skilled workers will fasten the selvedge wire to the mesh panel to ensure the solid and rigid structure.
Tidy office. We have clean and tidy office for our staff. The quiet and bright environment can let them improve work efficiency and serve for our customer better. They will answer your doubts and solve your problems during using. They are enthusiastic and patient, you can get the satisfied answer from them.

A large warehouse in the factory.
Large and clean warehouse to stock common specs of gabions for emergent orders.
A clean gabion cage workshop with several workers and machines in it.
Advanced machines and skilled workers to ensure efficient production.
Several office table in the office and two salesman are working.
Tidy office can let our sales representatives works in a comfortable environment.

Wide application - protective and landscape construction

Retaining wall construction. Woven gabion cage or welded gabion cage stacks up to form the solid and durable retaining wall. The retaining walls can be used to resist flood, water erosion and other impacts. It can also replace the common brick walls and decorate your places.
Gabion planter. Gabion planter with different sizes, shapes and materials can be widely seen in the courtyard, patio, parks and gardens. Place the vegetables, trees, flowers and other plant in it to form stylish structure and decorate your places.
Coastal protection. Gabion mattress used combined with gabion box can form the solid structure to protect the coastal and prevent flood and seawater erosion. It can also be used in the river banks for river control.

A long line of gabion cages are installed beside of the road.
Gabion cage can be used as retaining wall to prevent water and soil loss.
A hexagonal shape gabion cage on the ground with several plants in it.
Gabion cage can be used as gabion planter to decorate your dull places.
PVC coating gabion cages are installed on the seashore.
Gabion cage can be used to protect seashore from sea erosion.

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Hot Products

Woven Gabion Cage

Woven gabion cage with galvanized, PVC coating or Galfan coated materials is flexible and durable in river control applications.

Welded Gabion Cage

Welded gabion cage, connected by spiral wire, C rings, U clips is solid and firm to be used as retaining wall and decorative material.

Gabion Box

Gabion box, made of galvanized, zinc-aluminum alloy and PVC coating wire has woven and welded types to be used for river control and slope protection.

Gabion Mattress

Gabion mattress with maximum 0.3 m height is flexible and permeable for river bank and slope protections.

Gabion cage

Gabion for River Control Slope Protection

Gabions can resist the impact force from water, perfect for river bank & slope protection. Here is the construction for the sluice reinforcement with gabion.

Galvanized Steel Gabion for Cofferdam Slope Protection

The galvanized steel gabion is of high corrosion resistance and aesthetic. It can be used for cofferdam slope protection. Here is the construction process.

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