Gabion Mattress for Bank and Scour Protection

The gabion is assembling on the slope and there is woods on the slope.
Gabion as soil reinforcement is assembled on slope to protect the slope.

The gabion can prevent the damage from water and create a stable life for the vegetation. The gabion can be used for slope protection. The gabion can be divided into retaining wall, slope protection, the bottom protection, the toe protection and subsurface stone blanket. The gabion is firm enough to resist the tension. It can prevent the soil erosion and keep the nutrition for the plants growing.

The advantages for the gabion.

  1. The gabion can resist the impact force from the billow. The gabion can bear the water flow speed of 6 m/s. The scouring resistance ability is better than the masonry and the normal concrete.
  2. The structure of the gabion owns good flexibility and is of great stability. The gabion is flexible and is of nice ductility.
  3. The gabion has corrosion resistance. When the water is corrosive or the river is polluted, the gabion on the upstream is coated with PVC or PE. This material has a long service life and can prevent the metal from corrosion.
  4. It's easy to install the gabion box. We even don't need cement, electric and model. And the temperature couldn't affect the construction. We can make use of the local resources to assemble the gabion.
  5. The construction is cost-effective. There is no purchase and transform cost which reduces the cost a lot.
  6. The gabion protect the local ecological balance. The gabion can suit well the local vegetation. This can increase the aesthetic around the city. We can also plant the vegetation in the gabion and it would protect the bank and prevent soil erosion.

The construction for the sluice reinforcement with gabion.

  1. Clean the gabion slope.
    According to the design, we should clean the trees and the weeds. If the excavation area doesn't conform the geological exploration report, we should change the construction design according to the practical geology.
  2. Install the gabion.
    We should install the gabion near the ground and open the gabion unit on the hard ground. The folded part is neat. We should prevent the damage for the gabion and the coating. We should make sure the gabion shape according to the design. The lashing length is from 200 mm to 300 mm.
  3. Filling the gabion.
    We make a high demand for the material standard and the quality to meet the gabion design. We firstly fill the gabion one by one. We should fill the gap between the stones when we fill the gabion. The diameter of the stone should be as twice as the mesh opening and the fillers capacity should be more than 1.7 t/m3.
  4. The cover for the gabion.
    When we finish the stone filling, the surface should be flat. We would cover the gabion and make the banding when we make sure the gabion edge is neat.
  5. The gabon construction.
    The detail is important and the interval should not be more than 20 cm. The fillers should be according to the standard: the diameter of the stone is 90–150 mm, the 50% stones diameter is more than 120 mm. For the dense material, the diameter of the small stone should be 30 mm. The sand content is less than 5%. The slope and the wall both are made of the rocks. We should make sure that the filling is substantial and accords to the design.
  6. The sand filling for the gap.
    After the gabion is checked and accepted, we should tamp the sand until the sand doesn't decline any more.
  7. The quality control for the gabion box.
    According to the demands of the geotechnical cloth design, we should set the size of the mesh opening on the slope. The four panels and the partition should be erect. We should connect the cover and the panel. And we should construct from the left to the right and fill the plating soil in the gabion. Finally it forms the gabion slope protection.

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