Woven Gabion Cage - Galvanized, Galfan or PVC Coating Material

A galvanized woven gabion cage on the floor.
EWGCP-01: Woven gabion cage is a rectangular structure with steel wire material and hexagonal hole shapes.

Woven mesh gabions are rectangular shape cages made of double twisted or triple twisted hexagonal woven wire mesh. When it is filled with hard stones, it will form a solid retaining structure. Compared with welded gabion cage, which is produced through welding machines, the woven gabion cage has no any weld points. Welded gabion cage is mainly used in the landscape constructions, the woven mesh is mainly used in the water and related constructions. Especially, it is suitable for the differential settlement projects.

Types of woven mesh gabion cage

Woven mesh gabion cage has lots of types, you can refer to the following classification and know more about them for your choice.

  • Different materials.
    Woven gabion cage can be made of different materials, different materials can suit different environments and applications, refer to the following introduction and choose the perfect one.
    • Galvanized steel wire. Galvanized gabion cage is the most widely used type in the applications. The thick zinc coating can supply outstanding corrosion and rust resistance performance. It can maintain the durable life even in the salt, alkali, acid and other harsh environments. The galvanized steel wire can be divided into electric galvanized wire and hot dipped galvanized steel wire.
    • PVC coating wire. The low carbon steel wire or the galvanized wire can be coated with PVC surface for better corrosion and rust resistance performance and longer service life. In this way, it can form another protective layer than the galvanized steel wire. Additional, the PVC coating surface can be customized into different colors, including green, gray and other colors.
    • Zinc-aluminum alloy wire. It is a new material in recent years, it is made of low carbon steel wire with zinc and aluminum alloy coating. According to the different rate of aluminum, it can be divided into 5% aluminum zinc wire, which is known as the Galfan wire and the 10% aluminum zinc coating. The aluminum can form a oxidation layer which can prevent corrosion and rust. When the oxidation layer are broken, there are still a zinc coating which can protect the gabion cage further.
    A galvanized woven mesh gabion cage on the ground.
    EWGCP-02: Galvanized woven mesh gabion cage.
    A PVC coated woven mesh gabion cage on the floor.
    EWGCP-03: PVC coated woven mesh gabion cage.
  • Different strands.
    • Double twisted. Double twisted woven mesh gabion cage is the most widely seen and used. It suit the common application in the constructions and satisfy the ordinary requirements to the tensile strength.
    • Triple twisted. Triple twisted woven mesh gabion cage has the higher tensile strength than the double twisted gabion cage. It will not loose when cut into pieces.
    A piece of PVC coating gabion with double twisted structure.
    EWGCP-04: Double twisted structure.
    A piece of PVC coating gabion with triple twisted structure.
    EWGCP-05: Triple twisted structure.
  • Different height.
    The woven gabion cage have different height types to suit different applications, according to the different height, it can be divided into gabion box and gabion mattress.
    • Gabion box. It commonly refers to the woven gabion cage, which the height is higher than 1 meter. It is commonly used in the foundation constructions, or it can be used as the retaining walls.
    • Gabion mattress. Gabion mattress with less than 1 meter height has wider applications than the gabion box. It is widely used in the river control, slope protection, channel linings and other applications.

Specifications of woven gabion cage

  • Material: galvanized steel wire, Galfan coated wire, PVC coated wire.
  • Wire diameter: 2.0 mm × 4.0 mm.
  • Selvedge wire diameter: 3.0 mm - 3.4 mm.
  • Lacing wire diameter: commonly is 2.2 mm.
  • Mesh size: 5 cm × 7 cm, 6 cm × 8 cm, 8 cm × 10 cm, 8 cm × 12 cm, 10 cm × 12 cm.
Cage spec of woven gabion cage
Item Length
EWGC-01 1 1 0.17 m
EWGC-02 1.5 1
EWGC-03 2 0.5
EWGC-04 2 1
EWGC-05 2 1
EWGC-06 3 1
EWGC-07 4 1
EWGC-08 4 2
EWGC-09 5 1
EWGC-10 5 2
EWGC-11 6 1
EWGC-12 6 2

Features of woven gabion cage

  • Flexible. Accommodate differential settlements.
  • Eco-friendly. Plants can grow in the gap of stones.
  • Permeable. Water can permeate the stone and cages.
  • High corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Acid and alkali resistance.
  • Versatile. Can be used as retaining wall, slop protection and other applications.
  • Wide range of choice. Different materials, specs and types for choice.

Applications of woven gabion cage

Woven gabion cage has a wide range applications in the municipal projects, river control and other applications, details are as follows:

  • Retaining wall.
  • Stream bank protection.
  • Erosion control.
  • Culvert headwalls.
  • Drop structure.
  • Weirs and bridge abutments.
  • Slope protection.
A culvert with a culvert headwall made of gabion cages.
EWGCP-06: Woven gabion cage used as culvert headwall.
Woven gabion cages are stacked up beside the grassland.
EWGCP-07: Gabion cage used as retaining wall to protect grassland from flood.
Woven gabion cages are installed beside the water with a stair-step structure.
EWGCP-08: Woven gabion cage can be used for coastal protection.
Woven gabion cages are covering the slope under the bridge.
EWGCP-09: The woven gabion cage can be used for protect bridge from water erosion.

Package of woven gabion cage

Woven gabion cage is commonly supplied in flat sheet, the gabion cage is placed flat and file up, then the cages will be compressed by the professional machines to reduce volume and save space. Then the gabions will be bundled and waiting for loading.

The gabions can be packed in bundles directly. It can also be packed with pallet and plastic film. You can choose the suitable type.

Three bundles of woven gabion cages in the container.
EWGCP-10: Woven gabion cage in bundle package.
Two pallet of woven gabion cages in the container.
EWGCP-11: Woven gabion cages in pallet and plastic film package.

Installation of woven gabion cage

The woven gabion cage are delivered to the site flat-packed, which can save transport and storage space. When it arrives at the site, you are ready to assemble them.

  • Lift the parts into their position.
  • Connect the parts including diaphragm and baseboard.
  • Fill the gabion cage with hard durable rocks or stones.
  • Connect the lid and cage with lacing wire.


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