Completed Types of Gabion Cage

A galvanized woven gabion cage on the floor.

Woven Gabion Cage

Woven gabion cage with galvanized, PVC coating or Galfan coated materials is flexible and durable in river control applications.

A green PVC coated welded gabion cage on the ground.

Welded Gabion Cage

Welded gabion cage, connected by spiral wire, C rings, U clips is solid and firm to be used as retaining wall and decorative material.

Green gabion boxes are installed on the river bank.

Gabion Box

Gabion box, made of galvanized, zinc-aluminum alloy and PVC coating wire has woven and welded types to be used for river control and slope protection.

Several lines of gabion mattresses are installed under the bridge.

Gabion Mattress

Gabion mattress with maximum 0.3 m height is flexible and permeable for river bank and slope protections.

A sack gabion is lifting by the machine.

Sack Gabions

Sack gabion with simple but solid structure is widely used in the emergent applications, such as river control and flood control.

A two-cell galvanized gabion cage on the ground.

Galvanized Gabion Cage

Galvanized gabion cage with electric and hot dipped galvanized surface has outstanding chemical stability and corrosion and rust resistance.

A green welded type PVC coating gabion cage on the floor.

PVC Coating Gabion Cage

PVC coating gabion cage with green or gray colors can blend with surrounding environments and make your cage more beautiful and durable.

A welded type  Galfan coated gabion cage on the ground with several panels on the beside of it.

Galfan Coated Gabion Cage

Galfan coated gabion cage with triple protection structure is widely used in the high corrosive, erosion and impact applications.

Gabion retaining walls are installed close to the river bank.

Gabion Retaining Wall

Gabion retaining wall with high quality material and solid structure is widely used in the protective and decorative applications.

A square shape gabion planter on the ground with a tree in it.

Gabion Planter

Gabion planter with solid and rigid structure supplies stylish boarder for plant or flower bed for in gardens or patios.

PVC coating gabion cage is covering the slope of the coastal.

Gabion Coastal Protection

Gabion cage is widely used on the coastal to break seawater and prevent seawater from entering the beach and threatening people and properties safe.

Two lines of C rings on the white background.

Gabion Cage Accessory

Gabion cage accessory, including spiral wire, C rings, lacing wire and others can help to fasten the gabion cage and make the gabions stable and durable.