Gabion Planter Decorate Your Yard and Patio

Gabion planter, a type of landscape construction, supplies stylish and strong structure for your flower and plant. You can place the gabion planter in your gardens, yards, patios or any where you want.

Gabion planter is made of rust-proof and weather-resistant galvanized steel wire, the wires are formed rectangular or square mesh grids by welding transverse and longitudinal wires at each and every intersection. This structure supply extra stability for the gabion plant.

The gabion planter can be designed into different shapes, such as round, square, rectangular or any other customized sizes. Except for the outer shape, the inner shape can be round or square to suit your flowerpots.

The even holes on the gabion planter can allow the plants breath and water passing through.

Round shape gabion planter on the ground with several flowers and three trees in it.
EGPP-01: Round shape gabion planter.
A square shape gabion planter on the ground with a tree in it.
EGPP-02: Square shape gabion planter.
A gabion planter on the table with round inner structure.
EGPP-03: Round inner structure.
A gabion planter on the ground with square inner structure.
EGPP-04: Square inner structure.

When you receive the gabion planter, just raise them and assemble them with the spiral wires. Then fill the gabion planter with your favorite colored stones, which can make the gabion planter beautiful. The installation and assembly is easy and fast. The lifespan of gabion planter is durable and maintenance free, which can save your time, labor and money.

We can also supply the freen grow bags for you. The grow bags are woven materials bags, which allow the soil to breath and water to flow. All these can encourage the plant grow healthily.

Specifications of gabion planter

  • Material: galvanized steel wire, Galfan steel wire.
  • Wire diameter: 4 mm - 5 mm.
  • Mesh size: 25 mm × 200 mm, 50 mm × 50 mm, 50 mm × 200 mm, 75 mm × 50 mm, 75 mm × 75 mm, 76.2 mm × 76.2 mm,
  • Gabion planter dimensions:
    Cage specs of gabion planter
    Item Length
    EGP-01 370 370 370
    EGP-02 500 500 500
    EGP-03 600 600 540
    EGP-04 800 800 600
    EGP-05 1200 1200 600
    EGP-06 1200 1200 800
    EGP-07 2500 1200 600
    EGP-08 2500 1200 800

Features of gabion planter
Solid and durable. The welded technology make every intersection solid and durable.
Permeable. The even holes can ensure the circulation of air and water, which is benefit to the plants.
Corrosion and rust resistance. The galvanized and Galfan wires has excellent corrosion and rust resistance performance.
Grow bag supplied. We can supply the free grow bags for your soil and ensure the light, water and air circulation.
Different sizes. We can supply all sizes of gabion planter and special sizes can be customized.
Wide rang application. It can be used for trees, flowers, vegetables and any other plants you want.

Applications of gabion planter
The gabion planter can be used for the trees, flowers, vegetables and any other plants you want. They are widely used in the yard, gardens, patios, parks and other places you want to decorate.

A square gabion planter on the grassland with some vegetables in it.
EGPP-05: Gabion planter for vegetables is widely used in the gardens.
A square gabion planter in the park with several flowers and plants in it.
EGPP-06: Gabion planters are used to decorate the park.

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